Wallpaper Quick Tips

  1. Measure walls (including doors & windows): height x width to get the square footage.
  2. Subtract 21 square feet for each door, 15 square feet for windows.
  3. Find the pattern repeat, if any, on the wallpaper label. Solids and stripes will not list a repeat.
  4. Determine the usable yield per bolt of wallpaper.
  5. Divide usable yield into the room square footage to determine the number of bolts needed. Multiply bolts x 2 to determine single rolls when placing special orders from books. Place order as a single roll quantity.

Repeat Length/Usable Yield (Bolt)
0- 6″ – 50 sq. ft.
7″- 12″ – 44 sq. ft.
13″ – 18″ – 40 sq. ft.
19″ – 23″ – 36 sq. ft.

 The average spooled border is 15 Feet long. The average bolt of wallpaper is 10.9 yards long.

Always remember to …

  • Check the dye lots on the roIls to assure the colors wiII match exactly.
  • Assure the customer has prepared their waIls properly, preferably with an acrylic-based primer/sealer.

Strippable: Can be stripped completely from the waIl when removing.
Peelable: The paper backing remains on the wall after removal. Paper backing should be removed with waIl paper removal solution.

Coated Paper: Light vinyl applied to paper backing.

  • Strippable
  • Washable

Solid Vinyl: Solid vinyl laminate applied to paper or fabric backing.

  • Durable, moisture-resistant
  • Scrubbable
  • Peelable
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