Brush Shapes For

Many different art paint brush shapes exist and you need to use the right one for the medium you are using. Here are just a few...


Round Pointed - gives a precise point. Fine line to wide line control. Larger reservoir to hold paint.

Flats carry - and pick up large amounts of color and give clean hard edges. One-stroke brushes can be substituted.

Oval Washes - carry and pick up large amounts of color and give soft edges and flow.

Spotters - are for very fine detail work and are used in fine art, commercial art, hobby, ceramics and retouching.

Brights - provide better control for details, produce brush marks and short, crisp paint marks, thin lines with stiff edges. Use with heavy color.

Flats - are for freer, more fluid brush strokes, have more control for the experienced artist and less resistance to paint.

Rounds - are about the same length as Flats, but are for sketching and outlining with thin to thick strokes.

Filberts - have versatile shapes with no precise edge to stroke and less pile-up of paint at the edges of a stroke. Thin to thick strokes with "worn" brush strokes.

Rounds - include sable types, medium length for detail and fine lines. Smooth finish, soft flowing color. Smaller belly (reser-voir) than a water color round.

Brights - are for glazing techniques, smooth stains, washes in oil, and painting one color over another without disturbing the wet paint underneath. Soft, flowing color.

Fan Blenders - are for blending of soft passages in heavy paint, soft shaded effects and dry brushing in ceramics.

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