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The best quality artists’ brushes are still made by hand and this exercise of craftsmanship, coupled with the cost of high grade raw materials-soft hair, bristle or man-made fiber-means that the best artists’ brushes are always costly.

The best quality artists' brushes are still made by hand and this exercise of craftsmanship, coupled with the cost of high grade raw materials-soft hair, bristle or man-made fiber-means that the best artists' brushes are always costly.

Red Sable hair is used for the highest quality watercolor brushes and comes from a semi-aquatic Asiatic mink known as the Kolinsky, which is closely related to the weasel. The hair is outstanding for its strength and "spring," its shape tapering to a very fine point, and its structure which ensures that the hairs cling closely together when wet. It would be ideal for all artists brushes were it not for the fact that its scarcity makes it worth more than gold. Weasel hair is not regarded as highly as that of the Kolinsky, but it is accepted in the trade as red sable for the manufacture of sable brushes.

Sabeline Hair is a specially treated silken ox hair, light in color with exceptional points and lots of snap. Selected Sabeline has properties which closely resemble those of Red Sable, at a considerable savings.

Ox Hair is cut from the rims of cattle ears, is somewhat coarser than sable and does not come to a point so readily. For that reason, it is generally used for one-stroke, lettering or demonstration brushes for which a fine point is not required.

Squirrel Hair includes several kinds of hair all obtained from the tail of the squirrel. The best quality have a superb tip, elasticity and tremendous water-holding abilities.

Camel Hair is usually made from squirrel or pony hair. Because squirrel hair is particularly soft, it does not have the "spring" of sable, with the result that it is not as easily controlled. Squirrel brushes are used mainly in schools, but they are useful for broad washes in watercolor painting and for craft work.

Bristle is the trade description of hair from pig, hog or boar which is particularly suitable for making oil color brushes owing to its resilience and its split or divided point, known as the "flag," which holds the paint well. Bristle brushes are made in a variety of shapes - flat, round and filbert - and they
may be used for techniques other than oil painting.

"Sceptre" Hair is an economical hair, a clever blend of red sable and long-lasting golden synthetic hair. It combines the durability and exceptional value of man-made fiber with the spring, snap and water holding ability of sable.

Nylon is a synthetic fiber for brushes, treated so that it tapers toward the tip and together, the fibers form flat brushes, which are very suitable for acrylic painting. However, they are not capable of forming a point as required for traditional watercolor painting or for round oil color brushes, nor do they hold oil color in the same way as bristles.

White Synthetic Sable is the art industry's answer to quality at an economical price. Synthetic sable brushes are made of high quality, long-lasting, artificial hair. The important difference between these brushes and the common straight-fiber synthetic brush is that each hair of the white sable is tapered. Therefore, they come to a point, and are as soft and resilient as red sable, but at a fraction of the cost.

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